Police crackdown on Hwy 100 cruising; issue nearly 250 citations

Police issued nearly 250 citations in a crackdown on reckless driving, loitering and cruising along Highway 100 in West Allis Friday, March.

For decades, the stretch of Highway 100 between Greenfield Avenue and Grange Avenue has been known for its cruising. In an effort to deter that behavior, West Allis police issued:

  • 103 municipal tickets for loitering on posted lots
  • 90 random traffic citations
  • 36 parking tickets for trespass parking
  • 26 verbal warnings
  • 11 tickets for cruising
  • 5 written warnings
  • 8 citations for disorderly conduct with a vehicle (typically for people doing burnouts or another type of disorderly behavior)
  • 1 arrest on warrants
  • Total – 248 moving and/or parking tickets

Police what to remind drivers it is illegal to loiter in parking lots, damage property, and drive recklessly, such as doing burnouts with your car.

Woman accused of driving into crowd after being kicked out of bar

A 33-year-old woman has been charged after police say she was kicked out of a Mount Pleasant bar and drove into a crowd of people, seriously injuring one person. 

Police: 19-year-old shot in robbery near 41st and Garfield

Police are investigating a shooting that happened near N. 41st Street and W. Garfield Street around 2:45 p.m. on Saturday, March 6.