'Pardi Gras' paczki party brings Mardi Gras flavor to West Allis

New Orleans expects millions of visitors for Mardi Gras, but you don't have to head that far to get in on the party.

Ope! Brewing Co. in West Allis was a destination Saturday, Feb. 18 for a "Pardi Gras" paczki party.

"Really it’s what Fat Tuesday encompasses, a little bit of the Catholic Church, of Lent, and really kind of the southern tradition of Mardi Gras," said Colton Grebe with Grebe's Bakery, which supplied the paczki. 

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It was the type of party that got Lepa Munns on her feet.

"I like the music, the Cajun music, just the happiness, it feels like an Oktoberfest," she said.

"This is what we do, we dance, and get people up to dance, so we are all dancing together," said Doc Munns.

Val Sigal was responsible for the music. He said the key to it all isn't just harmony, it's flavor from down south with a Milwaukee twist.

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"We play many different genres, of course polka," said Sigal. "When I found out about Mardi Gras I discovered myself zydeco genre and Cajun genre which is only accordion genre in American."

Grebe hopes the reaction continues through Fat Tuesday.

"When you combine all those things and see all the smiles on people’s faces, it makes it all worth it," he said.