Oak Creek police officer has new partner on her overnight shifts

K-9 units are an important part of a police department. Now, Officer Nicole Raffini with the Oak Creek Police Department has a new partner on her overnight shifts. 

"He’s awesome. I couldn’t ask for a better dog," said Nicole Raffini, Patrol Officer, Oak Creek Police Department.

Revi is a year-and-a-half old Dutch Shepard who came to Oak Creek from Hungary. 

"He’s a dual-purpose canine. Meaning that he is trained to find narcotics and also trained to track people and apprehend them if necessary," said Raffini. 

From sniffing out drugs to picking up someone's scent -- Revi performs tasks other officers just can't. 

 "I think it adds a different dynamic to my job as a police officer," said Raffini. 

Officer Raffini and Revi have been a team since this summer. 

"We spent six weeks working on the things I talked about earlier, finding drugs, finding people. More or less me learning to read him because I’m kind of the translator if you will for what he’s working on," said Raffini. 

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When Revi is not working...

"He knows when it’s time for work. Outside of those times, he’s very friendly, very affectionate. He’s made best friends with all his aunts and uncles at our PD so he’s awesome, he’s great," said Raffini. 

Revi and Officer Raffini are the second K-9 unit for the Oak Creek Police Department. 


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