Nathan Hale Taser charges, suspect shares her side of the story

The woman charged after tasing a student inside a West Allis high school is owning up to her actions. She says she only intended to pick up her niece from school after a fight turned bloody but things quickly got out of control. While she admits to tasing the student, she said she has some questions of her own.

If you’ve seen the video of an adult tasing a 14-year-old student inside Nathan Hale High School, chances are, you’ve wondered who pulled the trigger.

"I honestly can’t even think what went through my mind," said Kotelia Scott. "Obviously, all of the wrong things."

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Scott is facing a felony child abuse charge and a misdemeanor for bail jumping stemming from this incident.  Scott says the videos only tell half the story.

"Let’s talk about how a child can be assaulted in the hallway for 5 minutes with no staff," said Scott.

On Nov. 16, Scott says she received eight calls from her 15-year-old niece, saying a 14-year-old had been following her in the hallways.  The girl asked Scott to pick her up from school.

"I’m not an animal," said Scott. "I don’t attack children. That wasn’t my intention."

Prosecutors say Scott's daughter, Danielle Lesueur, who’s also charged in this case, drove Scott to the school.  Investigators say another student let Scott and Lesueur into the building, bypassing security.  Scott says her niece’s face was bloody with a broken nose.  That’s when Scott says she realized her Taser was in her coat pocket.

"I just want people to see me as a human being with emotions with concern for their family member that made a huge mistake," said Scott.

Police say Scott and lLsueur left the school, but Scott was later arrested.  She’s due in court for her preliminary hearing on Jan. 6, 2022.

"I did (confess) already.  I’m owning up to what I did," said Scott.

The superintendent previously said expulsion is possible for the students involved. An arrest warrant has been issued for Lesueur.

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