Mother's Day at Cedar Creek Settlement Shops, mom and son team up

For Mother's Day, The Shops of Cedar Creek Settlement in Cedarburg was open and ready to serve. In place of pampering or breakfast in bed, two moms worked nonstop to ensure customers were happy.

For one mom, something special was brewing on Mother's Day, at Fair Brew and Trade. Owner Brenda Schubach said Sunday felt just like another day at the office. The only thing different this year was that her son, Caleb, lent a helping hand.

 "It will be the first Mother's Day I have gotten to work with her," said Caleb Kiehnau.

"I’m not even thinking about it because I’m excited that my son is going to be working alongside me," said Schubach.

Along with serving customers, she said her role as a mom comes first.

"The goal was for me to teach him about the world and teach him about fair trade and giving back to others," said Schubach.

Brenda Schubach, Caleb Kiehnau

"She's definitely helped me become a better person just by teaching me the value of hard work," Kiehnau said.

 Being a mom and working full-time means sometimes, you don't have off days.

"You don’t have days off," said Tami Conrad, owner of TLC Casuals. "You always have things you have to do."

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It's something Conrad says she does best.

Tami Conrad

"I think it’s good to have that outlet," Conrad said. "It’s good to have other interests, and it makes you a better mom."

Both of these ladies said they have one favorite job.

"Being a mom, being a grandma is the best," said Conrad.

This year, it was a little sweeter for Schubach with her son by her side.