Milwaukee Rosen Automotive car lot crash, 6-8 vehicles damaged

Shocking footage shows the moment a speeding driver crashed into several vehicles at a Milwaukee car dealership.

It happened at Rosen Automotive Group on 27th Street on the border of Milwaukee and Greenfield.

"I wasn’t expecting to see a car flying through the front row," said Steve Andreasen, manager.

Surveillance cameras captured the speeding vehicle headed south near 27th and Grange before smashing into several cars at the dealership.

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"I’ve been doing this for 28 years," said Andreasen. "I’ve never seen anything like that. I’ve never seen somebody come in at that rate of speed and have that much damage that quickly."

Andreasen said at least six to eight vehicles were damaged, and a few of them were totaled.

"There’s a $40,000 Sorento over there," said Andreasen. "There’s a KIA Stinger that’s over there. That’s high dollar amounts, so it’s big. I’ll leave it at that."

Not only was this a costly crash, but it's also been a blow to inventory, with the dealership facing supply chain shortages.

Greenfield police have not yet responded to FOX6's request for details regarding what led up to the crash or the status of the driver.

"This is problems we don’t need," said Andreasen.

The dealership is getting hit from all sides, as car break-ins also continue to be an issue. Andreasen said they've experienced incidents recently where multiple vehicles were broken into and damaged.

"Two separate issues, and I’m kind of fed up with both, frankly," said Andreasen.


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