College, Holt park-and-ride homeless camps removed: 'I want help'

From tossing tents to towing trucks, crews cleared out two Milwaukee park-and-ride lots where homeless encampments popped up.

Not everyone has a place to go, creating a tricky situation. People are working with outreach groups and on housing lists, but they said things are backed up.

"I’m homeless for 15 months. I’m on every waiting list," said Julie Estrada-Medina. "I want help." 

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Estrada-Medina has been living at the College Avenue park-and-ride lot for months, but the county is now clearing out encampments there and at Holt Avenue.

"I sit all day and wait for the phone to ring, or for someone to respond to a text," she said.

Homeless camps removed from College Avenue park-and-ride lot

The amputee told FOX6 she has therapy cats, which add another layer to her circumstances. 

"Today they tell me if I can find somewhere to temporarily put my animals, they might be able to find a temporary spot for me," Estrada-Medina said. "The thing is, my animals are attached."

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Authorities and Department of Public Works crews removed vehicles and tents deemed abandoned from the two park-and-ride lots this week. 

"I have a little bit of a house here. It’s a reasonably nice vehicle. It’s comfortable," said Bob Bristow. 

Homeless camps removed from College Avenue park-and-ride lot

Milwaukee County said it has found housing for more than 50 people with an additional 25 people very close to getting into indoor placements. Bristow hopes to have a place before his truck is towed away like the empty ones around him on Tuesday morning.

"I asked the sheriff’s deputy regarding my situation, and they said with your infirmity and your age, we’re going to give you more time," he said. "There are angels out there. I believe that someone is looking out for me. I will do whatever can to help them help me."

Why now? People who live at the College Avenue lot said they've been told to have the park-and-rides cleaned up and more open for upcoming events like Summerfest and the Republican National Convention