Milwaukee mural combats gun violence, artist traveling to every state

Stopping gun violence one mural at a time is what a Miami-based street artist is hoping to do as he travels across the country, adding art in every state.

"We use public art as a tool to educate, inspire and enhance communities, neighborhoods and a quality of life for those who are involved," said Kyle Holbrook, artist.

Tucked on the side of a building, just feet away from the intersection of Holton and Locust on Milwaukee's north side is Holbrook's sign of peace and love.

"Peace and love, but I wanted to do it in black, red and green, which are African colors," said Holbrook. "I’ve done a lot of murals in Africa, but those colors really represent the African American community. I wanted to do some murals, MLK murals, wanted to do some murals that were simpler, more of a street art, maybe like a Banksy style, contemporary street art style that makes the message easy to be obtained and understood."

Holbrook said he’s looking to place similar murals in all 50 states.

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"I’m on a national tour to spread messages of peace and stopping gun violence," said Holbrook.

The effort is aimed at addressing gun violence in areas impacted the most by it.

"I, myself, have lost most of my childhood friends to gun violence," said Holbrook. "I hope everyone sees it, everyone driving by. I certainly want it to be something that could be a place of healing for those who, like myself, have known victims of gun violence."

He said he's hoping the message won’t just stay up on the wall but will remind people to be peaceful.

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