Milwaukee facing ambulance shortage after company drops out

The ambulance service board is set to meet at 9 a.m. Monday morning. They're expected to discuss the pending departure of a private ambulance service.

Midwest Medical, who owns Paratech Ambulance, recently sent a letter to Acting Fire Chief Aaron Lipski, terminating their contract with the city. 

They're one of three private ambulance services used by the city to handle 911 calls.

Their primary coverage is the city’s northwest side. 

Milwaukee fire officials say they recently noticed Paratech was not keeping up with their portion of 911 calls which has put a strain on the city’s ambulance system. 

Acting Chief Lipski says the fire department is now handling more than 1,000 lower-level calls a month.  

"There is a burnout that I fear is coming if it is not already arriving," Lipski said.

Private providers said Medicaid and Medicare don’t pay enough to cover the ambulance costs, which has led some companies to drop out of the city system.

And the clock is ticking-- as the city has fewer than 170 days to find a solution. 

The ambulance board meeting to discuss the situation is set for 9 a.m.

Associated Press contributed to this story.


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