Milwaukee El Rey shootout, 2 killed

Two people were shot and killed following a disturbance at a Milwaukee grocery store Saturday morning, July 9, authorities said. A vigil was held Sunday evening for the security guard killed on the job. 

The shootings took place at the El Rey on Cesar Chavez Drive. It's one of three Milwaukee locations for the Hispanic grocery store.

Police said the ruckus spilled into the parking lot where a man and two security guards exchanged gunfire. The man and one of the security guards were killed, and a bystander suffered minor injuries, police said.

Security guard identified

Anthony Nolden

Family of the security guard who was killed identified him as Anthony Nolden, 59, known as "Uncle Tony." His family said he loved working in this community, and based on what was said at the vigil Sunday evening, the community loved him, too. 

When news spread of a shooting at the El Rey grocery store on Cesar Chavez Drive, NaTeisha Nolden picked up her phone.

"Instantly, I closed my Facebook. I called my uncle on Messenger. No answer. I’m texting him. No answer. I’m calling his phone. I’m still texting. No answer," said NaTeisha Nolden.

Anthony Nolden

Nolden's "Uncle Tony" worked as a security guard at El Rey. He never called her back. 

"It’s real heartbreaking that I never get to talk to him no more. No phone calls. No birthday cards, like, nothing," said NaTeisha Nolden.

Milwaukee police said they were called to the store just before 10:30 Saturday morning, where there was a shootout between Anthony Nolden and a 36-year-old Milwaukee man. Both died.

Shooting scene outside El Rey on Cesar Chavez Drive

"I’m angry. I’m not even going to lie. I’m angry," said NaTeisha Nolden. "These guns don’t make no sense."

NaTeisha Nolden spoke at Sunday's vigil for her uncle exactly 23 years to the day from when she buried Anthony Nolden's brother – her father. 

"I feel, like, a hole in my heart all over again, like I’m repeating the death of my father all over again after 23 years," said NaTeisha Nolden.

She said her uncle stepped in as a father figure when her dad was shot and killed in 1999. Her grandmother's only two sons are now both gone due to gun violence.

"I’m looking out the window constantly. Who’s going to be next?" said NaTeisha Nolden. "Who am I going to get a call about next? Is it going to be me? Another family member? A friend? It’s heartbreaking. It’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous." 

Milwaukee man killed identified

A second family is grieving after the shootout on Milwaukee's southside.

Luis Lorenzo

Family identified the other man killed as Luis Lorenzo, 36. They said he had no reason to steal and was profiled for wearing a mask and having a backpack.

"I just feel like my brother was really wrongfully accused of stealing anything from this store," said Ivelisse Rodriguez, sister of Luis. "He did not come with intentions to steal anything from this store. He did not come with intentions to hurt anyone. They profiled him, and they chased him out this door. They pushed him out the door, and chased him to the end of the parking lot and tussled with him on the ground. For them to pull out a gun and shoot him, that's wrong."

Luis Lorenzo

Milwaukee police are investigating. Police have not answered the question of who shot first. 

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