Milwaukee DPW now hiring, prepares for upcoming winter season

Winter is coming, and if you're looking for a job, the Milwaukee Department of Public Works is hiring. 

Whether you like winter or dread it, the snow is coming, and the Milwaukee Department of Public Works needs your help.

"Right now, we have 53 vacancies, and we’re hopeful to fill those within the coming months," said DPW officials.

DPW is recruiting qualified candidates with a commercial driver's license to operate snowplows and help with ice and snow removal operations; candidates in high demand across the U.S.

"This is very much an entry-level job," said DPW officials. "Other than the CDL, there is a small physical evaluation that they do have to go through, so you need to be able to push and pull 50 to 100 pounds, walk some distances and have a good driving record."

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The city is offering incentives like a pay increase for new workers. The minimum increased by about $2 to $22.79.

"The pay increase is an increase in the minimum pay, and that actually affects new incoming employees but also all of our employees that have under eight years of service," said DPW officials.

DPW officials say they're having a hard time finding people, and while there are enough snowplow drivers for a small storm, it's severe emergency winter conditions that are worrisome. That's because other CDL workers are shifted from operations like garbage and forestry to help with snow and ice operations.

"What is more important is that if we do have a very large snowstorm or something where we’re continuously seeing snow, that will impact the services related to those drivers," said DPW officials.

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