Milwaukee cheesehead experience for Oregon man visiting 65 US cities

An Oregon man is traveling the United States, visiting 65 of the biggest cities in the country. On Tuesday, Aug. 10, he stopped in Milwaukee with two items on his agenda: learning polka and building his own cheesehead.

"Makes me feel proud. Making a foam cheesehead hat here is a really fun thing," said Peter Waldron, Foamation, Inc. Cheesehead Factory.

FOX6 News caught up with Daniel Seddiqui during his quest to build a cheesehead and talked with him about his trip.

"We need to get back to learning our pride of craftsmanship, and this is also a great way of meaningful travel and connecting with locals through hands-on experiences," said Seddiqui.

Seddiqui is traveling the country, exploring what makes the cities he visits so special.

"I’m going to 65, so it’s roughly all the cities that you might have heard of if you’re from a different country, like Milwaukee or Albuquerque or Dallas," said Seddiqui. "I’m crafting a memento that signifies the local culture, history and industry as a memorable piece."

In Milwaukee, it was all about foam cheese, an adventure Seddiqui said was a far cry from the actual cheese he made the last time he was here.

"It was an unforgettable experience, one of the hardest jobs in America, I think, so making foam cheese is going to be a breeze," said Seddiqui.

With the right coaching from the folks at Foamation, he was able to do just that.

"We have to pour liquid foam into the mold, then cap them, and they’re in there for like, seven minutes," said Waldron. "Then they come out. They’re hand-poured, and then the next day, we have to hand trim every hat."

If you are looking to see something cool, you don’t have to travel the country to find it.

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