Milwaukee activist Frank Nitty arrested on suspicion of sexual assault

Milwaukee police arrested prominent activist Frank Sensabaugh, better known as Frank Nitty, at his home on Monday night, Nov. 16. He was taken into custody on suspicion of sexual assault.

The 39-year-old streamed the arrest live on Facebook, telling viewers, "I've gotta turn myself in, y'all."

A little after 11 o'clock Monday night, Milwaukee police showed up at Nitty's home to arrest him on suspicion of third-degree sexual assault, according to police records reviewed by FOX6 News. Officers gave Nitty time to gather phone numbers and other things before placing him in handcuffs.

Over the summer, Nitty led marches across the city and even to Washington, D.C., calling for an end to racial injustice. It also put him at odds with law enforcement -- clashing during an attempt to march over the Hoan Bridge that ended with his arrest.

On Monday night, he said goodbye to supporters for now, with a quick request before entering the squad car.

"I don't have any cash on me, so I would appreciate if someone would put some on my books," he said.

Frank Nitty

Milwaukee police declined to comment on the arrest on Tuesday. FOX6 News also reached out to the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office, where we were told they're aware of the arrest, but they have not received referred charges.

FOX6 News learned Tuesday evening Nitty was being transferred to the Milwaukee County Jail.