Major Harris homicide: Immunity for man who hid boy's body

The man who helped hide a 3-year-old's murdered body will not be charged with a crime. That is because prosecutors granted him immunity. 

"I just told them where the baby was." That is what a 21-year-old man said to FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn on Tuesday, Feb. 8. The man is talking about the deal he cut with Milwaukee prosecutors last fall to help them find Major Harris. 

Major Harris

Major Harris

It is all in more than 500 pages of case files Milwaukee police just released.

"My daughter and my grandson are murdered in Milwaukee, and we have no arrests. Nothing," said Paul Muenzenberger, Major's grandfather.

Paul Muenzenberger has been frustrated with Milwaukee police for months. Now, he is even more upset with prosecutors.

Mallery Meunzenberger

"The D.A. in Milwaukee is pathetic," Muenzenberger said. 

Muenzenberger is talking about a deal what Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office cut with 21-year-old Robert Williams – promising not to charge him with any crimes related to the deaths of Mallery Muenzenberger and her son, Major Harris – if he would tell them where to find the body.

Robert Williams

"You gotta get him on something... something," Paul Muenzenberger said.

Major's grandfather said he reluctantly agreed to the deal last fall, but did not feel he had a choice.

"And they’re just like, ‘Well, he ain’t gonna talk. He won’t talk. He won’t talk unless he’s free to go," Muenzenberger  said.

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Police found the body of Mallery Muenzenberger in October after responding to a 911 call. Police determined the man who made the call, Jaheem Clark, had killed Mallery. But before they could arrest him, Clark killed himself – and the child was still missing.

Mallery Muenzenberger and Major Harris

"At the time, the heat of finding Major was huge," Muenzenberger said.

During the five-day search for Major Harris, police interviewed Williams six times. At first, he said he had nothing to do with it. Williams then admitted to helping Clark dump items in a garbage can.

Williams Googled "how long does it take for a body to decompose," but claims he only did so because Clark threatened to kill him if he did not. 

Still, it was not until after prosecutors offered full immunity that Williams told them where to find the body – in a 30-gallon plastic tote covered with garbage bags near 35th and Rohr.

Police scene near 35th and Rohr, Milwaukee

Police scene near 35th and Rohr, Milwaukee

"You just don’t walk away from that," Muenzenberger said.

FOX6 Investigators found Williams on Facebook under the names "Lilbeeno Takinrisk" and "Benno Takin Risk" where on Monday he wrote, "murder murder murder murder murder" next to the hashtag, RIP Heem.

In a phone call, Williams told FOX6 News he did help hide the body of Major Harris, but insisted he did not commit any murders. Thanks to the deal with the district attorney, Williams will not be charged with helping to cover them up.

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"We do not want him to just walk away from this, free as a bird. That’s not, that’s not right," Muenzenberger said.

Major Harris

Assistant Milwaukee County District Attorney Grant Huebner is the one who drafted the immunity agreement in October. Huebner told FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn the immunity deal was his idea. Huebner said he never made a deal like this in his career, but said it was a last ditch effort to find Major Harris, who officials believed at the time might still be alive. 

Huebner told FOX6 News his boss, Milwaukee County District Attorney Johnson Chisholm, would only agree to it if the victim's family was on board. He insists that both Major's father, Carlton Harris, and his maternal grandparents in La Crosse were indeed on board.


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