MADACC in dire need of kitten food

The Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission needs your help – the animal shelter doesn't have enough kitten food. 

When food is in plain sight, these kittens don't hold back. 

"They’re going through a case of kitten food almost a day or every other day," said MADACC’s Kathy Schillinglaw.

But that hefty appetite combined with the number of kittens MADACC has in foster care is a recipe for a greater need. 

The animal shelter is running low on kitten food. 

"Literally as fast as it was coming in it was going out," she said.

MADACC has more than 200 kittens in foster homes – and that number continues to grow. 

Foster families are looking to help, but with pet food prices increasing -- it can be tough. 

"I had a foster leave and on the way out a package was coming in from Amazon and she asked me for kitten food so I just opened the box and handed her what was coming through the door," said Schillinglaw.

MADAAC's biggest need is wet cat food --which is also shelf-stable. 

Kathy Schillinglaw

Workers at the shelter say neutering and spaying cats could help curb the hunger for food donations. 

"If every cat was spayed and neutered we wouldn’t have so many mouths to feed," said Schillinglaw.

After a call to action -- the community stepped up. but as more kittens come in, there's still an appetite to fill the shelves. 

"Because our community is so awesome, we always seem to find the food when we need it. But it’s just nice to know that it’s on the shelf," she said.

If you'd like to donate food to MADACC you can drop it off there or -- the shelter has a food wish list. You can find that on Amazon. There is also a wish list on