Kenosha man makes quick work of clearing snow for himself, neighbors

Kenosha County got slammed by snow on Tuesday, Jan. 26. The City of Kenosha issued a snow emergency to help battle the snowfall -- and neighbors were busy digging out.

FOX6 News caught up with Orville Shewmake, who was on a mission -- riding an ATV snow plow.

"I’m going to help out the neighbor here," Shewmake said. "Always kind of try to help out my neighbors."

Shewmake cleared sidewalks to lighten the load for his Kenosha neighbors during the height of Tuesday's snowstorm. 

"Let me tell you. It makes a world of difference," Shewmake said. "I just got done doing a guy’s driveway on the other side. His snowblower quit."

Orville Shewmake

Gone are the days of shoveling. Shewmake's plowing power is praised by neighbors.

"God bless Orville, for sure," said Gina Copen, who was touched by Shewmake's kindness. "This to me is really helpful on a day like today where I’m remote teaching, my son is home and I need to get a family member home from the hospital."

Across the street, Buck Diesel packed snow to make a snowboarding jump.

"As long as it snows and we get more ground cover and I can get towed in by a rope then we’ll hit this thing," Diesel said.

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Meanwhile, Diesel's thoughtful neighbor was still hitting the throttle. 

"To do my little corner lot or something -- there’s no fun in that," said Shewmake, who is fully warmed up to winter. "Probably when I retire I’ll move further up north and see more of this stuff."

Clearing the snow in Kenosha

The Kenosha County Sheriff's Department responded to multiple crashes on Tuesday morning. They urge people to continue to use caution on the road.

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