Kenosha County escaped prisoner police chase, OnStar ends it

Pleasant Prairie police arrested a prisoner who escaped from police custody in Illinois and carjacked two people.

Officials said the suspect swerved around stop sticks, sped through the streets, and he even tried fighting officers at the hospital.

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It happened Saturday afternoon, July 15.

"Tried to do a traffic stop," said Deputy Kyle Matson. "He didn’t stop. He led us on a pursuit for about two miles."

Investigators say Wesley Anderson, 42, escaped custody in Illinois as he was being taken to jail. After he got away, officials said he stole two vehicles, ending up in a blue Camaro.

Dash camera video from the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department shows him trying to speed off.

Deputy Matson was right behind him. 

"I’m trying to think about what his next move might be," said Matson. 

Squad video shows the driver evading law enforcement at every turn.

"The first thing that goes through my head is what intersection is next?" said Matson. "Where can I get someone to respond to put these stop sticks out?"

After two miles, the chase came to end when the Camaro's OnStar system shut off the car remotely before it entered the interstate just north of the Illinois border.

Wesley Anderson

Anderson was in the driver's seat, still in cuffs from his Illinois arrest. He was once again taken into custody.

The wild ride didn't end there. Anderson was later taken to the hospital. Body camera footage shows the moments the situation turned violent.

Anderson was eventually taken back to jail.

Wesley Anderson

"He’s definitely a risk to public safety if he is out on the street stealing cars, escape from the police," said Matson. "It’s very good that he is in custody."

Anderson faces multiple felonies including recklessly endangering safety, fleeing an officer and operating without consent. Cash bond was set at $150,000.