Kaylie Juga's boss testifies she was 'harassed by ex' before murder

The prosecution and defense rested their case in the Martice Fuller trial Thursday afternoon, March 18, and Fuller chose not to testify in the case. Prosecutors say Fuller, 17, fatally shot his ex-girlfriend, Kaylie Juga, and wounded her mother, Stephanie Juga, in their Kenosha home in May 2019. 

Prosecutors painted Fuller as obsessed with Kaylie Juga, hurting her in school and harassing her at work and at home, including days before the shooting.

Martice Fuller

Martice Fuller

"I told her to not go outside as I was afraid of him hurting her," said Jennifer Dezoma, a friend of Kaylie's since sixth grade.

Dezoma recalled a different time Fuller went over to Kaylie's home after she broke up with him.

"And I begged her to wake up her parents," said Dezoma. "She wasn’t going to but she eventually did."

Martice Fuller

A former Bradford High School official recalled the events after an incident between Juga and Fuller in a classroom in January 2019.

"That he was calling every office in the school building, trying to get to me so he could convince me to not change their schedules," said Jill Schwenzen, former associate principal.

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Fuller was ultimately expelled after having contact with Kaylie in a hallway.

Martice Fuller

Kaylie Juga's former boss testified she put in her two-week notice on April 27, 2019, saying he was "absolutely" saddened to lose her as an employee.

"For my safety, I will have to look for a job with multiple people around and somewhere he does not know where I work," said Brian Martinez, Kaylie's former boss at Martino's Dry Cleaners.

Kaylie Juga

Martinez read Juga's two-week notice, testifying that Fuller would call numerous times a day when Kaylie was working, and when she was not, he would allow her to lock the door if she was alone.

"She said that she was being harassed by boyfriend or ex-boyfriend at the time," said Martinez. "She said his name was Martice."

Less than two weeks after Juga quit, she was killed.

Kaylie Juga, Stephanie Juga

The judge in the case denied a motion by Fuller's defense team to dismiss the case on a lack of sufficient evidence. Closing arguments are set to begin Friday.