Jordan Jones released on bail, charged in crash that killed MU dean

The man accused of killing a former Marquette administrator, then lying to police, is out of jail. 21-year-old Jordan Jones posted $50,000 cash bail earlier this week.

Police say Jones was driving the car that struck and killed Marquette Business School Dean Joe Daniels in February 2020.

Jones did not have a valid driver’s license.

Earlier this year, Jones pleaded not guilty to charges of hit and run, as well as driving while suspended causing death. His next court date is May 10.

Criminal complaint details

The criminal complaint against Jones says multiple surveillance cameras in the area captured the crash.

The complaint indicates officers at the scene of the crash located the suspect vehicle about 300 feet from where the collision occurred. One officer noted "significant damage to the passenger side of the hood and windshield." He could also "smell a strong odor of burnt marijuana coming from the hole" in the windshield.

Crash at 10th and Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Crash at 10th and Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Three days after the incident, a woman who had been arrested after she told officers she was the driver of the striking vehicle "wished to make a full statement to officers regarding exactly what happened the evening of the crash." The woman told police, with her attorney present, that she was not driving the striking vehicle but instead had been using her cellphone and not paying attention while Jones drove. She said a short time after exiting the freeway, "there was a bang and glass breaking." The complaint says "Jones pulled the car over and told (the woman) she needed to switch seats with him because she had a driver's license." The pair exited the vehicle and the woman "called 911 but hung up after she got transferred by the operator." The woman told police she knew Jones "was on probation and that he did not have a driver's license." The woman also stated that "Jones told the police that she was driving and she did too, but she was scared and things got out of control and she didn't know what to do," the complaint says.

Crash at 10th and Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Crash at 10th and Wisconsin, Milwaukee

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On Tuesday, Feb. 18, investigators conducted a follow-up interview with Jordan Jones at the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility. He was in custody and handcuffed during the interview. During this interview, Jones continued to maintain that the woman was driving. When the questioning officer told Jones he didn't think the woman was the driver of the car, the complaint says Jones "appeared nervous and began taking deep breaths." Jones then replied, "I'm not supposed to be driving, I don't have a license." Jones stated "this was a very sticky situation for him because he is a felon." He then inferred that police "wanted him." The questioning officer then told Jones "whoever was actually driving should be held responsible for being the driver." Jones replied with, "but it's an accident."


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