Homeowners take note, a little prevention could save you big bucks

As we approach the end of winter and welcome in warmer temperatures, many people are looking to do a little work around the house. While a pool in the backyard can be fun, having one unexpectedly pop up in your basement is not.

"We are currently in the go-time of basement repair," said Christopher Mancuso of Accurate Basement Repair. "There’s a lot going on here, especially with the conditions of snow melting and ice melting."

There are some messes you cannot sweep under the rug.

'We’re here fixing this basement. This gentleman here had some issues with his gutters and his sump pump and stuff," Mancuso said.

Christopher Mancuso

For example, as your home thaws out, you find your foundation is on the verge of falling in on itself.

"So we’re coming in and we’re waterproofing his basement, and doing some structural repair," Mancuso said.

The team at Accurate Basement Repair said this is a busy season.

"The variety of repairs that get done this time of year can vary and the prices on that can vary -- installation of a new pump, which is hundreds into the tens of thousands of dollars," Mancuso said.

A lot of what ends up being fixed can be addressed before you even call them.

"Comes over the top of that roof, lands next to your foundation, then it accumulates with the rest of the snow that’s next to your house. And then if it gets cold again, it will freeze, and it will pop that wall," Mancuso said.

To prevent a surprise pool from popping up in your basement, experts say keep it simple.

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"With what we call GGD. That’s grading, that’s gutters, and that’s downspouts. If you do those three items you can save yourself thousands of dollars in the long run," Mancuso said.

For more information on preventing basement issues, visit Accurate Basement Repair's website

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