'Frida's Cocina MKE' owners make names for themselves in food industry

Brew City has a rich and diverse food scene among them is a vibrant blue food truck that made its debut late last year -- "Frida’s Cocina MKE" -- in English "Frida’s kitchen."

Owner Alex Hernandez and his friend and business partner Carlos Olivares, are making a name for themselves in Milwaukee’s food industry. 

Frida's Cocina

"Well, I Love Tacos," co-owner Alex Hernández said. "Of course, I love tacos." 

Hernández’s love of food can be traced back to his upbringing in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. 

"I always remember my mom and my grandma cooking," Hernandez said. "I always put attention on her what she used and the same with my mom." 

Frida's Cocina

Frida's Cocina MKE

Hernández came to the U.S in his early 20s. He and his wife chose to raise their family in Wisconsin. But, the dream Hernández could never shake was to own something of his own. Together with his friend Carlos, they came up with a plan. 

"We decided instead of a restaurant, start with a food truck," Hernández explained. 

They knew it needed to be special. 

"We picked the name Frida Kahlo, the Mexican painter artist," Hernández said. 

Alex Hernández

Alex Hernández

Hernández credits his family for the idea. The truck color also matches, Kahlo's home in Mexico turned museum --  'La Casa Azul.' In English, 'The Blue House' 

"We decide this color is catching to the eyes," Hernández explained. 

Hernández's passion for tacos inspired him to create a diverse menu -- something for everyone.  

Frida's Cocina

"The meat is fresh, even the fish and the shrimp and the vegetarian taco," Hernández said. 

From the traditional to more modern creations like vegetarian, shrimp and fish tacos! However, the personal touch keeps people coming back for more. 
"Fresh handmade corn tortillas so that`s what we do in the food truck," Hernández explained. "We cook in the spot in the moment and some people, they don't know that."

Frida's Cocina

Frida's Cocina

The pandemic did not slow them down for long. They recently collaborated with the Cactus Club in Bay View. Owner Kelsey Caufmann said people come from all over to try his tacos. 

"They're the best! Easy no brainer," Caufmann explained. "The tortillas are warm fresh. 
We're honored to partner with them. They are reliable incredible people making incredible food that has become a neighborhood staple but also attracts people far and wide." 

Frida's Cocina

Hernández is grateful for the positive feedback.

"When they taste it, people notice the difference and they come back," he explained. 

A dream coming true-one bite at a time. 

Frida's Cocina

Follow Frida’s Cocina MKE on Facebook or Instagram where they posted their hours and locations. 

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