Dairy Lane at Wisconsin State Fair

Have you ever wondered about the process of getting your favorite cheese or dairy product to your kitchen table? Dairy Lane at the Wisconsin State Fair gives you the opportunity to find out.

Wisconsinites love their dairy products, but most never learn about the process that creates their favorite cheese or ice cream.

"Our hope is that families take time to think about where their food comes from and all the work that goes into the dairy industry and agricultural industry," said Lauren Metcalf, Dairy Lane supervisor.

Dairy Lane is an interactive exhibit that shows you the process and history of Wisconsin’s dairy industry.

Visitors can learn how cheese is made, pet a goat and learn about what goes into caring for cattle. The cows aren’t just at the fair for the shows. They’re here for education.

"We have a great interactive exhibit that’s great for kids of all ages. A lot of touch screens, games available for them," Metcalf said. "But then we also have seven cows representing the seven breeds of dairy that they can come and enjoy seeing, and we also have calves and dairy goats available to pet."

And of course, seeing everyone back at the fair has made for excited staff members and guests.

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"You can tell fairgoers are excited. They're coming in and interacting with our display. They're talking to all of our volunteers, and everybody is just in a great place," said Nicole Barlass, Wisconsin State Fair Dairy Board president.

Dairy Lane will be available during the entirety of the fair in the lower Dairy Barn. The 2021 Wisconsin State Fair runs through Aug. 15.

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