COVID-19 vaccine pop-up serves shots at south side cigar bar

Dumping doses — that's exactly what one Milwaukee organization is trying to avoid.

So, they came up with a unique way to hold a pop-up COVID-19 vaccine clinic for those looking to get a shot in the arm.

Normally it's a spot for a smoke and spirits, but shots were served in a different fashion at Shaker's Cigar Bar Saturday morning.

"They have I believe 120-150 doses," said owner Robert Weiss -- of the COVID-19 vaccine, that is. 

"You can be saving your own life but certainly, you are making an impact on other people’s lives as well," Weiss added.

COVID-19 vaccine clinic pop-up at Shaker's Cigar Bar

Weiss allowed the Findley Foundation to set up outside his shop after the organization, who was providing vaccines to the public, made a realization Friday night. 

"We realized we had a lot leftover, and they were going to expire before Findley reopened next week," said Mindy Price, a Findley Foundation volunteer. "So, a group of the volunteers, primarily the nurses, said we can't let that happen, that we have to find a place we can do it that is safe and makes sense."

Setting up a mobile clinic, on-the-go immunizations were available hours later.

"We were looking for any availability," said vaccine recipient Madeline Cleverly.

COVID-19 vaccine clinic pop-up at Shaker's Cigar Bar

A line formed for a shot at safety. Though it's an unconventional location, folks came from as far as Madison for a shot in the arm -- thankful for a chance at protection. 

"We all just want to get vaccinated so we can be safe," said Maria Rantis, who got the vaccine Saturday. "They should be doing a lot more of those so they don’t go to waste, and that more people can get them. I think it's a good thing they are doing that."

The second doses will be given to recipients at Findley Foundations' new location on Capitol Drive. For those living in Milwaukee County who still need to make an appointment, Health is a great resource for locations, ways to make an appointment and to find walkup clinics.

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