Brookfield Square job fair, hiring fast

A hiring event at Brookfield Square on Thursday, June 17 looked to fill a lot of positions – fast.

It's more than just a bargain luring people to Brookfield Square. Some people were being interviewed on the spot.

A job fair featuring 16 of the mall's retailers and restaurants is helping to fill a large number of vacancies during a perceived labor shortage.

"Well, if you like teamwork, that is something Buckle offers, for sure," said Adrianna Patti, Buckle store manager. "We haven’t seen too picky of people, but we know it’s a more challenging time to get them into the system."

Brookfield Square is also busy again.

"So, here come all of the shoppers and now the stores are realizing we need more employees," said Melissa Cavanagh, Brookfield Square marketing manager.

Brookfield Square hiring event on June 17, 2021.

A week earlier, FOX6 News profiled a bar owner, who said he has been looking to hire kitchen staff for the last year; even with the incentive of wage increases and bonuses – no luck.

"I think there is some lag time between when people feel comfortable or when they are actually able to enter the labor market," said Tom Walsh, labor market economist for Wisconsin's Department of Workforce Development. "I think it’s more of a long-term trend in looking at what we have with aging baby boomers and a larger number of retirements going forward."

A poll conducted this week found 95% of workers are considering changing jobs and an equal number are willing to switch industries altogether.

"This is an opportunity for somebody who is looking for a job – maybe a second job – something to supplement their income," said Cavanagh.

And the chance to get your foot in the door at Brookfield Square has never been easier.

There is more good news for Brookfield Square and other retailers. The National Retail Federation reports year-to-date retail sales at 17.6% above the same point last year.

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