Beware utility scams: We Energies warnings and police tips

Across the state, law enforcement and We Energies are sharing warning signs of utility scams on social media.

According to a news release on Thursday, Oct 20, the goal is to flood news feeds with important safety information on what to look for on social media.

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We Energies and police said scammers may:

  • Pretend to be from We Energies. They may even manipulate caller ID to make it look like We Energies is calling or leave a recorded message that sounds like it’s from the company.
  • Threaten to turn off your energy right away.
  • Demand immediate payment — often by prepaid debit card, third-party apps like Zelle or Venmo, or unusual payment methods like bitcoin.
  • Over the years, We Energies customers have lost tens of thousands of dollars in utility scams. If you think a scammer is targeting you, hang up! It’s not rude; it’s safe.

 If you have questions about a call, email or text you’ve received, contact We Energies at 800-242-9137. For more warning signs, visit the We Energies website.