Afghan refugees resettle in Milwaukee area, donations needed

Afghan refugees are already being resettled in the Milwaukee area. They are coming quickly, and help is needed.

Lutheran Social Services will help with housing, finding work and education for 200 Afghan refugees who will soon be living in the Milwaukee area. The organization needs donations now more than ever.

"Every child that comes gets one of these wonderful kits," said Mary Flynn, Lutheran Social Services.

Lutheran Social Services' Milwaukee refugee office is filled with donations.

"Some of them are a little bit bigger, with socks and hair ties," said Flynn.

The assortment of items has come from strangers looking to help.

"This is a really classic and very useful donation," said Flynn.

Everything will be going to the hundreds of Afghan refugees who will soon call the Milwaukee area home. Much more is needed.

"Now, the arrivals are coming, and they’re actually coming very quickly, so we really need help from the community," said Flynn.

As of Sunday, Nov. 14, Lutheran Social Services had helped nine people move to the area, with 25 more set to arrive from Fort McCoy in the coming week. About 200 Afghan refugees will resettle in the area by February 2022.

"Within 90 days get their children enrolled in school, get them connected to a job, get them access to start learning the laws and English," said Hector Colon, Lutheran Social Services president and CEO.

An estimated 500 people will be assisted by the organization, compared to 100 last year. Help with housing and cash donations are needed more than ever.

"Give these individuals an opportunity to live right here in Wisconsin, with freedom, and prosperity and the ability to live a great life right here," said Colon.

Lutheran Social Services is opening its arms to those in need and asking the community to do the same.

"It’s not necessarily easier life in the U.S., but hopefully, it’s better. 

Cash donations can be made online, or items can be dropped off.

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