Brookfield 9-year-old is now a published author: 'Very exciting'

You might recognize Thaathwik Arsha Abhilash as a former FOX6 Future Forecaster, but now he is a published author.

The 9-year-old from Brookfield has a new book called "Dragon Summer." 

Now a published author, Thaathwik's book is about a boy and his dragon friend who go on an adventure and defeat the evil villain shadow. 

"I started writing, my parents looked at it, the first two chapters, and they said if I finish the whole book they would publish it," said Thaathwik.

And his parents kept their promise.

"We thought we would just make one printed copy for him to have it in his hand and make our promise of publishing the book, but then when we read it we felt like it is like a 9-year-old’s imagination kind of from 8 to 12, kids can correlate with that and they can really enjoy that," said Aarsha Sophy Abhilash, Thaathwik's mom. 

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"I’ve never held my published book in my hands so it is very exciting to hold my published book in my own hands," Thaathwik said. 

Thaathwik also tried his hand at the green screen as one of FOX6's Future Forecasters. If meteorology doesn't work out though, Thaathwik has another book in the works. 

"Yes, I’m still writing. Not a sequel, it’s actually called the Apocalypse Part 1," said Thaathwik. 

Another epic adventure between friends to defeat a villain. 

"Instead of it being a dragon, it is a bad guy who is inventing apocalyptic creatures who can destroy the whole world," said Thaathwik. 

Thaathwik encourages others to let their imagination sore. 

"I really think they shouldn’t hold back, I think they should just do it, I think they should just let it go," Thaathwik said.

"Dragon Summer" is available to order on Amazon and will soon be available for Kindles. You can purchase a copy of "Dragon Summer" here


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