6 cameras weren't working during Mayfair Mall shooting

A woman shopping for Christmas presents with her daughter was grazed by a bullet at Mayfair Mall during the shooting in November outside Macy's. Police released hundreds of documents in connection with the investigation on Thursday, April 8. Those reports show at least six cameras in the area of the shooting by the escalators outside of the Macy's store weren't working, so police have no video of the shooting. 

Thus, the investigation has relied on interviews with the eight victims and other witnesses. 

Active shooter situation at Mayfair Mall, Wauwatosa

911 and dispatch audio from the afternoon of Nov. 20, 2020 offer a glimpse into the first few moments after someone opened fire inside Mayfair Mall. One 911 caller tells a dispatcher they've barricaded themselves in a room. 

The shooter was nowhere to be found.

A 15-year-old was arrested the next day after a traffic stop. Police reports show a suitcase was found in the trunk, meaning he may have been trying to get out of town. 

Shooting at Mayfair Mall

Texts between the suspect and his father said: "Go to your grandma if you gotta hide out til you leave and, "Can you book that flight? Like right now?"

The texts also imply the father called the Uber that picked up the suspect after the shooting. 

Police reports show he got to the mall with a friend. During that friend's interview with police, he said he did not know the suspect had a gun, and a shooting was not planned. He said he saw some "dudes" at the mall he didn't like and walked up and punched the biggest one. That's when the suspect opened fire. 

The friend said he started the fight "because he figured if he didn't, they were going to get him." 

Shooting at Mayfair Mall

Three people from that group were shot. The friend was also shot. 

The four other victims were unrelated to the initial fight.  

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The suspect faces eight counts of first-degree reckless injury. His name is not being released because he is 15. The state is filing an appeal to get the case moved to adult court. 

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