$5,000 reward offered in case of missing 71-year-old Milwaukee man

Last summer, a 71-year-old Milwaukee man with dementia left his apartment and never returned -- missing without a trace. 

Johnny Patterson's family has doubled their reward — upping it to $5,000 for information that will bring him home. 

Milwaukee police on Monday, March 29 released surveillance video to FOX6 News that shows the last time Patterson was seen -- in hopes it will jog someone's memory. 

"The difficult thing is not knowing," said Carrie Davis, Patterson's daughter. "The old saying, 'no news is good news'... well, right now, we haven't had any updates." 

With each passing day, Carrie Davis is left wonder where her dad could be -- and when she will see him again.

Johnny Patterson and Carrie Davis

"I miss the laughter he brings to his children, to his grandchildren. He's the life of the party," Davis said.

On June 9th, 2020, Patterson left his College Court apartment near 35th Street and Highland Boulevard.

Surveillance video shows Johnny Patterson leaving College Court

Surveillance video captured the last time he was seen. He was wearing a hat, blue jeans, dark glasses, a tribal necklace, and carrying a walking stick. 

"He left his residence by himself. He ended up walking West on Highland Boulevard," said Officer Keyona Vines, with MPD's Sensitive Crimes Division. Vines said they've pursued all leads.

College Court Apartments

"We've looked through many vacant houses, vacant cars in an attempt to locate him." 

Patterson, who has dementia, still hasn't been found.

"We believe he may have had an episode when he went missing and may have gotten lost," Vines said. "They do tend to hide."

Vines is now urging the public to look in your garages, sheds, and other parts of your property that aren't frequently checked.

Carrie Davis and Johnny Patterson

"I don’t know what happened on this day, but I do feel like somebody knows something," Davis said.

Davis hopes that someone who spotted Patterson last summer can help her family -- who is desperate for answers -- find closure.

"Just keep your eyes open, keep us in your prayer, keep us in your sincere prayer," Davis said. "We miss him, we love him. It's our dad, and we are not going to give up until we get some answers."

Anyone with information on Patterson's whereabouts is asked to please contact MPD's Sensitive Crimes Division at 414-935-7405 or MPD's 24-hour non-emergency line at 414-933-4444.

If your loved one goes missing, MPD is asking that you report it right away -- as every minute counts. 

For resources on Alzheimer's and dementia, CLICK HERE.

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