5-year-old boy murdered execution style in Detroit home, family says, mom and her boyfriend also killed

A 5-year-old boy is among three who were killed in an unthinkable tragedy over the weekend in Detroit and, according to the boy's, he was shot execution-style.

The little boy, named Caleb, was found murdered inside a home Sunday on Evergreen Rd and Fenkell St. along with a man and woman.

According to Detroit Police, a family member hadn't heard from Caleb or his mother, Lashon Marshall, went to the home to check on them. The family member found Lashon and her boyfriend, Aaron Benson, shot and killed. 

Detroit Police then found Caleb's body in another room of the home.

"I received the most devastating news of my life, that my grandson had been killed," Caleb's grandmother, Shalesa Floyd said.

We're told Caleb was shot and killed execution-style inside the west side Detroit home.

Investigators told FOX 2 on Sunday that the murders did not appear to have happened on Sunday. 

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Former state representative Sherry Gay-Dagnogo is a relative of Caleb and comforted Floyd on Monday.

"What mindset can anyone be in that would shoot a baby in the face intentionally?" Gay-Dagnogo said. "You have to be heartless. There is one thing to even a score or have issues with an adult but a child? A child is off-limits."

Detroit Police Chief James White spoke late Sunday night at the scene and promised to find the person responsible.

"Every resource we have is going to be dedicated to pursuing and apprehending the person that murdered this baby and the people in this home," Chief White said.

Floyd is now wondering why her grandson was murdered in such a heinous way and why his life was cut so tragically short.

"You could have just left my grandson there alone, I would have come get him," Floyd said. "He could have grown up to be anything he wanted. He’s our future, he was our future. Why would you take my grandson from me?"

"Seeing his pictures now I’m just lost, I’m devastated - and to know some of the details of what happened is just devastating to me and my son."

Floyd is caleb’s paternal grandmother.

"I just want justice for what they’ve done," she said. "He was only 5 years old and I just want to know why.

The grandma tells us the little boy's father lives out of state - and is devastated.

"He loved to travel with his dad and with his mom," Floyd said. "He was her only child. He’s only 5, so he had not much life to live."

The question of who and why are both still unanswered.

There are two Green Light gas stations near the home and Detroit Police are hoping the find some video evidence. Anyone with information is asked to call Detroit Police.

caleb 5-yr ole executed

Family memberes said 5-year-old Caleb was shot execution style and was among three found dead inside a Detroit home over the weekened