4 songwriters honor frontline workers with 'Superhero' song

Redefining what a superhero is, that is the message behind the song "Superhero" written by a group of songwriters in Nashville. One of the writers grew up in Oconomowoc. 

"A true superhero, for me, is when your backs up against the wall you don’t give up," said Tim Angsten, songwriter from Oconomowoc.

Not the superheroes you read about in comic books or see in movies. 

"Everyday people who we consider superheroes, firefighters, police officers, farmers, teachers," said Collin Cross.

The song encourages listeners to think about someone in their life who is a frontline worker and acknowledge everyone who has made a sacrifice during the pandemic. 

"What these people are doing is real every day and is really helping us on a day-to-day basis, and it gets overwhelming and they deserve a shout out," said Cross. "That was the main goal, to highlight people who have been through so much, not just this year but every year." 

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The title "Superhero" is one the artists hope frontline workers keep long after the pandemic. 

"Bring hope and make sure people remember to be proud of who they are and what they’re doing," said Angsten. "America is made up of superheroes and we’re gonna get through it."

If you want to watch the full music video, CLICK HERE


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