Wildfires' impact on southeast Wisconsin climate

Wildfires have become one of the top natural disaster headlines over the recent years. Extended periods of drought and extreme heat are a few factors contributing to rapid wildfire development and spread.

Governor declares emergency over wildfire near Yosemite

A fast-moving brush fire near Yosemite National Park exploded in size Saturday into one of California’s largest wildfires of the year, prompting evacuation orders for thousands of people and shutting off power to more than 2,000 homes and businesses.

First flames, now fees: Tahoe evacuees report price-gouging

A rideshare company quoted a fee of more than $1,500 to be transported from the smoke-choked ski resort at Heavenly Valley to the Reno-Tahoe airport, about eight times the going rate. California law generally prohibits businesses from raising prices by more than 10% following a state or local emergency declaration.

'We lost Greenville': Dixie Fire destroys Sierra Nevada town

Hell came to Greenville, an historic Plumas County gold rush era town 80 miles northeast of Paradise. "We lost Greenville tonight," U.S. Rep. Doug LaMalfa, who represents the area, said in an emotional Facebook video. "There’s just no words."