Milwaukee Ring camera homicide, young father killed

A Ring camera captured the sound of gunfire near 6th and Rogers, a homicide that killed an 18-year-old father of three with a fourth on the way. One neighbor said the shooting is so common, she's "constantly hitting the floor."

Milwaukee Water Street shooting, 4th person charged, 17 hurt

A fourth person is charged in connection with a shooting that injured 17 on Water Street after the Bucks playoff game May 13. Prosecutors say it all started when one of the suspects spotted a guy he had a longstanding beef with near Water and Juneau, and the shooting began.

Court: Amazon customers can sue over lack of toxic warnings

The case involved a lawsuit filed in Alameda County that said the online retail giant knowingly allowed skin-lightening creams to be sold on its website for years despite being aware of concerns about toxic mercury levels in such creams.