Packers' Jones on Steelers game, father's ashes

GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN - SEPTEMBER 20: Aaron Jones #33 of the Green Bay Packers does the Lambeau Leap to celebrate a touchdown with fans against the Detroit Lions during the first half at Lambeau Field on September 20, 2021 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. (Ph

The Green Bay Packers have taken control of the NFC North after winning three straight games.

On the FOX6 Blitz, FOX6's Lily Zhao went one-on-one with Packers running back Aaron Jones to get his thoughts on the season and why this year is so special to him.

Zhao: "Joining me tonight, Packers running back extraordinaire Aaron Jones. Aaron, you guys had a big 27-17 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Packers are 3-1 on the season so far, so about a quarter of the way through the year, how would you assess this team?"

Jones: "I would say we're right where we want to be. Like you said, finishing the first quarter, getting the second quarter started, we just want to get things rolling and ready to go."

Zhao: "Well you guys are the Thunder and Lightning duo, 2021 edition. You and AJ Dillon. What was it like seeing him get a bunch of carries in the win and just the impact he's had on the offense as well?"

Jones: "It was a lot of fun to see him have success out there. He works so hard throughout the week, and he's been working hard since he's been here so just to see that pay off and the work that we've put in, I told him the sky's the limit. This could be every week. I'm so proud of him."

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Zhao: "I wanted to talk about the football pendant that you had with your father's ashes. You lost it in the endzone against the Lions in that victory. Flea, the trainer, Bryan Engel was able to find it for you and Red the equipment manager sewed a pocket into your jersey so you could keep it safe moving forward. Talk about this Packers training staff and what they were able to do for you in keeping that pendant safe."

Jones: "Our support staff says everything about them. From our training staff to our equipment staff, just making sure that I'm taken care of. Every aspect of going to find it at 2 a.m. to creating a little pocket for me to drop it in and putting a little sticker in my helmet so every time I put it on, I can see my dad's initials. Little things like that, so they've done a great job and I'm forever thankful to them."

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Zhao: "Who came up with the idea of the pocket in the jersey? Was it you or did Red approach you about it?"

Jones: "Red approached me about it. Normally 10 times out of 10 if Red recommends something it's going to work, and it'll look good."

Zhao: "That's amazing. When you dedicate this season to your father as well, what did those five touchdowns mean to you when you can point up at the sky and know he's looking down on you and he's super proud?"

Jones: "He's everything. I know he has the best seat in the house and he's just up there smiling down, beating his chest like that's my boy."

The Packers head to Cincinnati, kicking off against the Bengals at noon on Sunday, Oct. 10 – a game you'll see only on FOX6.

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