Milwaukee girl who 'defeated cancer' chats with Aaron Rodgers

The Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation's "50 Faces of Cancer" Fundraiser premieres online on March 11 to kick off a campaign to raise money for cancer research.

As part of that fundraiser, 10-year-old cancer survivor Itzel Mercado from Milwaukee was given a chance to interview her favorite quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

FOX6's Lily Zhao spoke with Itzel about her opportunity to talk with Aaron Rodgers.

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FOX6's Lily Zhao: "What did you learn about Aaron Rodgers that surprised you?"

"[We liked] the same ice cream flavor, cookies and cream or Oreo ice cream," said Mercado. "I was very surprised we had that in common."

Itzel just completed a two-year battle with leukemia. She's now cancer-free and will be ringing the bell at Children's Wisconsin on March 16.

"Once I ring that bell, I'll feel like I've finally defeated cancer once and for all," said Mercado.

The full interview between Itzel and Aaron Rodgers will air March 11 during the online fundraising event.

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Learn more about Itzel's story and how to donate to the "50 Faces of Cancer" Fundraiser.