Next great quarterbacks being developed at local camp

Great quarterbacks are made in the offseason, and many have attended Jeff Trickey's Quarterback Camp.

At Brookfield Central High School, 80 athletes from grades 7-12 participated in the 2-day summer camp, which focuses on building a solid foundation for these quarterbacks.

"In quarterback play, we start from the bottom up," said Jeff Trickey, a WFCA Hall of Fame coach. "Then, we certainly work with their mind and their cognitive knowledge of the defenses they have to read, so we’re working on a lot of feet and footwork, and of course their passing motion."

These athletes are learning from the best.

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Trickey is a Wisconsin Football Coaches Association Hall of Famer and nationally renowned quarterbacks coach. He has been hosting these camps all throughout the Midwest and other parts of the country since 1988.

"We’re a teaching camp, and we teach kids," said Trickey. "It’s not a prospect camp. It’s not a recruitment camp, but we want to teach them the skill-set of a quarterback, so we try and teach them leadership skills, and all the skill-sets and defensive recognition and things they have to carry back to their teammates."

His resume speaks for itself.

Big name quarterbacks like Tony Romo, Trey Lance and Jared Goff have come through these camps, along with other local talent like Franklin’s Myles Burkett who is now at Wisconsin.

"I know people know their names, but these guys (at today's camp) are all 5-star kids to us," said Trickey.

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The credibility this camp brings is one of the reasons why Kettle Moraine quarterback Chase Spellman keeps coming back year after year.

"Coach Trickey has done a great job ever since he started and bringing those guys, like big names, NFL stars, that’s something that I hope to be too," said Chase Spellman, Kettle Moraine senior quarterback. "I know he’s done a great job, and he’s done a great job with me too."

Spellman has attended Trickey’s camp for the last decade and this offseason before his senior year will be key to his growth, especially as a Division 1 recruit.

"I’m really trying to hone in on my leadership skills with the team and really try to lead my team to that state championship that we’re working for," said Spellman.

Making his first appearance at camp is Milwaukee Lutheran’s Jatez Fullove, and the senior is eager to learn.

"I heard a lot of good things about it, and I just wanted to better myself for my team," said Jatez Fullove.

From various drills to film study, these quarterbacks, with all different skill levels and knowledge of the game are learning it all.

Even better, it’s off the field where Trickey believes they’ll thrive the most.

"They’re going to be a better player when they leave, but if they’re not a better person because they’ve come to this camp and been able to help them with some of the things in their lives and the choices they make, then we’ve failed," said Trickey. "I think they’re going to think more about the type of young men they are and how they carry themselves back at their community."

Molding a quarterback who is great beyond just the game is the ultimate reward, and it’s something Trickey will keep doing for years to come.

"Every year is another part of the journey, and we’re having fun with it," said Trickey.

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