American Family Field workers ready for full capacity crowd

Ahead of a return to full capacity, the president of the Milwaukee Brewers has written a letter to the governor and the mayor.

Friday, June 25 will be a return to full capacity, meaning for the first time since getting the new name, American Family Field will be able to host a Brewers game with fans filling the ballpark.

It's not just a big deal for fans but also the seasonal workers.

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"There are so many people that rely on the Brewers for part-time employment," said Rick Schlesinger, Brewers president of business operations. "We’re talking about 3,000 jobs. We’re talking 1.8 million labor hours in the summer. That’s a lot of money. That’s a lot of wages."

Ahead of Friday's game, the Brewers president wrote a letter to both the governor and the mayor of Milwaukee.

American Family Field

"We wanted to accomplish a few goals with the letter," said Schlesinger. "First, to thank the governor and the mayor and the health commissioner for all their efforts and work and cooperation."

The letter also included a reminder that baseball isn’t just fun to watch, but it’s also an economic engine.

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American Family Field

"I’m very, very comfortable with fully staffing for all these games," said Schlesinger. "We’re always in need of additional concession workers. People have worked at the Brewers for generations. We’ve got people who are ushers when the Braves were playing at County Stadium. We’ve got second- and third-generation employees whose parents and grandparents worked at the ballpark."