American Family Field games for youth teams, 'Christmas in June'

Six lucky teams played a game of baseball Monday, June 21 that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

You may not know the teams, but you probably know the field.

"We’re here to play a game," said Elias Pelegrin of the Greenville Stars.

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"I was excited," said Wynn Hotchkiss of the Greenfield Junior Hawks. "It was a big opportunity."

American Family Field games for youth teams

On Monday morning, six youth baseball teams from across the Wisconsin area got to live out a major league dream, playing baseball at American Family Field.

"Oh, it is fun," said Pelegrin. "I mean, just being able to come out here, it’s kind of a flex, but you got to stay humble about it, you know?"

"Going to the bullpen, going to the dugout, just standing outside the field knowing I’m going to play in it…" said Hotchkiss.

And play they did. While the kids played ball, the parents and coaches enjoyed looking on.

"Christmas in June, there is no doubt about that, and it’s every kid's dream of playing in the major leagues," said Todd Peterson, Big League Dream Day.

American Family Field games for youth teams

"That’s what we all dream and hope, to be here one day, and it’s nice to get to experience that a little early," said Pelegrin.

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Whether it be a base hit or making it all the way home, it's safe to say everyone came out a winner here.

"We’re out here to play baseball, play the game I love and to have fun," said Hotchkiss.