Open Record: The Mystery Sitter

There's a growing economic pressure in Wisconsin for parents to find affordable child care options. But does hiring an unlicensed provider put your child's care at risk? A Waukesha child care provider is facing a criminal charge for lying to police about her identity and some of her clients say she lied to them, too. In this episode of Open Record, FOX6 Investigators Bryan Polcyn and Amanda St. Hilaire dig into that case, a recent investigation by Polcyn that came to us from a FOX6 viewer.

You'll learn what it means for a child care provider to be operating illegally and how you, as a parent, can find out which providers across the state have been ordered by the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families to stop their care. You'll also learn why licensing matters when it comes to child care and what parents can do if they're facing an urgent need for care, but affordability is a barrier.

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