Open Record: The Mensah decision

The city of Wauwatosa braced for unrest as word came down Wednesday the District Attorney would not file charges against Wauwatosa police officer Joseph Mensah for the shooting death of Alvin Cole. People protested and as night fell, those protests turned to damage and looting. In this episode of Open Record, FOX6 Investigators Bryan Polcyn and Amanda St. Hilaire explain how we got here, what happened overnight, and what happens next. The team invites FOX6 reporter Amy DuPont on the episode.

Amy was part of the coverage Wednesday night in Wauwatosa. In addition to talking with Bryan and Amanda about the fallout following the decision to not charge Officer Mensah, Amy also shares a very personal and terrifying experience for her and a FOX6 photojournalist. Hear what it was like for Amy as she covered a recent protest and what happens when a handful of protesters turn and target journalists.

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