Open Record: Billion dollar carrot

The latest push to expand Medicaid in Wisconsin meets a familiar fate, despite the billion dollar carrot Governor Evers dangled in front of GOP lawmakers. Plus, calls to drop the mask mandates, stirring debates in school districts across the state. In this episode of Open Record, FOX6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn invites FOX6 political reporter Jason Calvi on to talk about a few big political issues making headlines. Jason breaks down the stalemate between Gov. Evers and GOP lawmakers as the decision is made to not expand Medicaid in the state, even after a billion dollar incentive. Jason also digs into the debates within school districts that are intensifying after the CDC's recent guidance that relaxed mask-wearing recommendations.

In today's Off the Record segment, Jason draws the line on where his culinary expertise ends and Bryan justifies his inability to be early to anything.

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