Open Record: A matter of time

Over the next two years, more than 120,000 babies will be born in Wisconsin. Odds are one of them will have a rare, but fatal genetic disorder. There's new legislation aimed at protecting newborns in Wisconsin from Krabbe disease and in today's episode of Open Record, the FOX6 Investigators dig into life-saving treatment for the disease. Bryan Polcyn's recent investigation explains the one thing standing in the way of making sure babies and their families are protected. We hear from Wisconsin families who have firsthand knowledge of Krabbe disease and are passionate about adding this test to the newborn screening program in Wisconsin. You'll also learn what the Department of Health Services has to say about the Krabbe screening and what other states are doing about the test.

Plus, in this episode's Off the Record question, the team pours a big bowl of cereal. But which kind tops the list? Learn what cereal Bryan grabs for first and why Amanda wrote a letter to one cereal maker. 

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