With Chicago's Wisconsin travel advisory lifted, some resume travel plans: 'It's a little better'

A Chicago travel advisory that required travelers going to and from Wisconsin to quarantine was lifted this week. Saturday, Aug. 22 marked the first weekend without the restriction in place after roughly three weeks.

Wisconsin was removed from a list of several states included in Chicago's travel advisory. That advisory had required two weeks of quarantine for any visitors.

"I know I've been wanting to go to Wisconsin, Lake Geneva, that's where I came from, but it was kind of hard with the whole restriction," said Illinois resident Erika Pasia.

Wisconsin's status on the advisory list could change. According to the Chicago Health Department's website, a state must remain under 15 daily cases per 100,000 residents to remain off of the list. 

Reactions to the advisory were mixed among residents on both sides of the border.

"I think it was a good idea," said Wisconsin resident Stanley Roberson. "It didn't affect my travel much."

Beachgoers at Geneva Lake

"Now that it's off, I don't have to worry about quarantining or anything coming back," said Pasia. "It's a little better now that we can come to Wisconsin and visit the lake."

With the order lifted, some Chicagoans said they are no longer putting off their annual summer travel plans to Lake Geneva.

"Didn't make no sense," said Duvall Coats, a Wisconsin resident. "How do you dictate like, how they going to force, stop people from coming in?"

While some complied with the advisory while it was in effect, others told FOX6 News that they did not.

"I went across the border," Coats said. "They didn't enforce anything on me."

FOX6 News also spoke to some travelers on Saturday at Milwaukee's Intermodal Station. Some said they waited to put-off travel plans until the order was lifted. Others said they did not.