Postcards for inactive Wisconsin voters

Postcards are being mailed this week to about 187,000 voters in Wisconsin who have not cast a ballot in the past four years, informing them that they will have their registration deactivated unless they take action within 30 days.

If the voter does not take action, or the mailing is undeliverable, the voter will have to reregister in order to vote. To remain registered, voters must sign and return the postcard indicating that is their intention by July 15.

State law requires the mailing to be sent every two years following the November election. This mailing covers voters who have not voted since the November 2016 election. There were 12 statewide elections and primaries between then and the 2020 presidential election.

In 2019, more than 113,000 notices were sent and about 16,000 people requested that their registration continue. That is a response rate of about 14%. In 2017, more than 381,000 notices were sent and about 28,000 requested continuation, a response rate of only about 7.5%.

The mailing from the state elections commission comes with a logo that says "Official Election Mail" in an attempt to differentiate it from mailings from independent groups.

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