Wisconsin DPI launches teacher recruitment campaign

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) is calling for retired teachers to return as substitutes – and encouraging folks who are considering a career change, or are interested in teaching, to become an educator. 

The effort is critical as Wisconsin schools are seeing teacher shortages; the future depends on teachers.

A new campaign from the Wisconsin DPI is sharing public service announcements in an effort to inspire people to become teachers.

"You should be part of this workforce because it’s phenomenal work for us in our state," Deputy State Superintendent Mike Thompson said. 

Thompson said the videos and radio ads will be coupled with highlighting extraordinary teachers – making an impact on children's lives and society as a whole.  

"It’s so critical that we have knowledgeable, qualified adults in front of our kids," said Thompson.

The campaign celebrates teachers' roles at a time when they are needed more than ever. 

"That has now been more evident during this time of academic disruption because of the pandemic, and how important teachers are not only for academic needs for kids, for the social-emotional growth of kids they are critical," Thompson said.

The DPI is calling out to those who are creative and adaptive who can rise to the challenge.

"What we really want to do is diversify our workforce. Our teachers are reflective our kids in the classroom and really just continue to bring the quality of personnel into the teaching profession that we have in the past," Thompson said.

Saturday, Milwaukee Public Schools held a virtual recruitment event. For more information about certification, teacher prep programs and pathways, visit teach.org/wisconsin.

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