"We can turn this country around going forward:" Scott Walker heads back to Iowa after announcing presidential run

IOWA -- Governor Walker was back in Iowa on Friday, July 17th -- his first visit there since kicking off his presidential campaign on Monday, July 13th. At last check, Walker was leading the polls among Republican voters in Iowa.

"Government in Washington cannot seem to get the job done. Well, you know what? It's not too late. Help is on the way. We can turn this country around going forward," said Scott Walker.

And Governor Scott Walker wants to be the man to lead the charge as president. Walker said the country needs fresh leadership from outside Washington with big, bold ideas. Walker outlined his track record -- saying Wisconsin leadership took on the unions and recalls and won.

"They tried to intimidate us. 100,000 protesters occupied the courthouse. Oh, excuse me, I mean the Capitol. They went after us with death threats and targets and protests. You know what? Every time they tried to take us on, we stood up for what was right. We did what was right," said Walker.

Walker told an enthusiastic group of supporters he's for reform, growth and safety.

"Instead of top down, government knows best approach, we hear from so many politicians in Washington, we should say instead we want to build the economy from the group up, in a way that's new and fresh and organic and dynamic," said Walker.

Walker said he stands for getting rid of the Affordable Care Act, reigning in federal regulations and the approval of the Keystone Pipeline.

He would also push for more crippling sanctions against Iran, instead of accepting the nuclear agreement negotiated between the U.S. and Iran on Tuesday.

"Going forward, if you give me a chance to be your president, as commander in chief I will move forward immediately in a way to terminate the bad deal with Iran right away," said Walker.

Walker will spend the next three days in Iowa, making stops in 11 different cities.

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