Wauwatosa police release dashcam video of woman driving off with squad

Antoinette Martin

MILWAUKEE -- Wauwatosa police released dashcam video on Tuesday, Dec. 18 which shows Antoinette Martin, 20, driving off with a police squad after an incident in July. She's a small woman, about 5'4" tall, and about 100 pounds. That explains how she was able to pull this off.

On Thursday, July 19 a resident called for help after she said she saw Martin and a man arguing. He drove off, but Martin "walked over to her patio table and start crushing some sort of pill with a screwdriver," putting "the crushed pill into a glass pipe." When the homeowners confronted her, court documents said she was "acting belligerent and yelling at them." Investigators said Martin, "pulled out a screwdriver and walked up to her" and threatened to stab the woman.

Police eventually caught up with Martin near 68th and Wisconsin. She was handcuffed behind her back and secured in the rear of a Wauwatosa police squad. Shortly after, police heard a loud thump from inside of the vehicle. Investigators said Martin allegedly squeezed through an 11-inch tall by 12-inch wide partition and passed through an opening with a sliding window. She then made her way to the driver's seat -- pulling away.

Police soon found the squad, but not Martin.

"Apparently she got out. Apparently she went through some yards. I'm not sure which way," police said in the video.

A neighbor pointed officers in the right direction.

"I saw her run into somebody's backyard about three houses up on 62nd Street, heading eastward," the neighbor said.

Antoinette Martin makes off with Wauwatosa PD squad

Officers and a K-9 found Martin hiding under a deck in the backyard of a nearby house.

Antoinette Martin makes off with Wauwatosa PD squad

Martin pleaded guilty to charges of escape-criminal arrest (felony) and disorderly conduct (misdemeanor). A third charge filed against Martin -- take and drive vehicle without consent -- was dismissed and read into the court record.

Martin is scheduled to be back in court for sentencing on Jan. 7, 2019.