Wauwatosa police arrest 24 during 2nd night of protests

Police arrest 24 individuals during the second night of protests in Wauwatosa.

Wauwatosa police arrested 24 people during the second night of protests following the decision to not press charges against officer Joseph Mensah who shot and killed 17-year-old Alvin Cole.

Citations for violating an emergency order were issued to 19 people and police say additional charges may be issued after a comprehensive review of videos, reports, and other evidence.

According to a release, a group of protestors attempted to gain entry to an undercover police vehicle, pointed guns at the occupants and threw rocks at it as it drove away. 

Of those arrested were the mother and two sisters of the slain teenager, according to the People's Revolution on Facebook.

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Alvin Cole’s mother, sisters arrested during 2nd night of protests

The second night of protests in Wauwatosa ended with at least a dozen arrests.

Wauwatosa man confronts protesters, goes viral

Jason Fritz confronted protesters in Wauwatosa after the decision not to charge Officer Joseph Mensah in the fatal shooting of Alvin Cole -- and the video has gone viral.