Waukesha parade victims: American Family Field lights raise funds

A new drive-thru holiday lights display at American Family Field is offering more than holiday cheer. Making a trip through the "Magic of Lights" can benefit families who need it the most right now.

Thanksgiving is usually a happy time of year, but many hearts are weighed down by the Waukesha parade tragedy – especially thinking of the families who don't have their loved ones this holiday.

For each car that buys a ticket to drive through the Magic of Lights, $10 will be donated to support Waukesha.

"I’ve actually never seen this many lights," said Milwaukee resident Jennifer Benitez.

It takes a lot of lights to create something so wonderful. The illumination arrived in the midst of a lot of darkness.

"The Dancing Grannies, you see the film of them and how happy they are walking through the parades, how much joy they bring to others, and then to think of something so tragic, it’s horrible," Greenfield resident Debbie Squire said.

"Magic of Lights" at American Family Field

Manny arrived to the Magic of Lights with heavy hearts, and not much can lighten the burden. Benitez had teachers at the Waukesha Christmas parade.

"It was just really scary, and we didn’t know what was going on," said Benitez. She knows they are OK, but many are still hurting.

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"Hopefully everyone is doing well that is still hospitalized. We hope for the best," Squire said.

It is the kind of tragedy one can never move past, but with each car came a donation to help Waukesha move forward.

"When something terrible happens, it’s good other people are willing to come together," Josh Yecke of Ohio said.

"Magic of Lights" at American Family Field

One donation seems small, especially in the face of something so horrible, but it is much like the lights: One might not do much, but together it builds something greater.

"I think it’s just great because it just shows how united we all are, even though it’s not Milwaukee it was Waukesha," said Benitez. "We still care about each other and that’s what matters, especially on a day like this."

For every $10 donated, both American Family Insurance and the Magic of Lights will match – totaling $30. The offer continues through Friday. The lights display itself will be around until Jan. 2.

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