FOX6 viewers report scam letters across southeast Wisconsin

A household name in digital security and identity theft protection is being impersonated by con artists.

Mail carriers have unknowingly dropped the scam letter into mailboxes across southeast Wisconsin, including Robert Helbling’s mailbox in Burlington.

"I don't know how I got this letter," said Helbling. "It said I owe them $299."

Robert Helbling

The fake bill claims to come from NortonLifeLock, a well-known name in cybersecurity. It looks like a renewal notice. Helbling’s letter warns his subscription will be automatically renewed.

"I never joined, so how can I have this bill?" asked Helbling.

His skepticism is justified. Paige Hanson, chief of Cyber Safety Education at NortonLifeLock, confirmed this is an impersonation scam attempt.

Hanson says the letter wants victims to believe they’re signed up for a service that doesn’t exist.

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"Or, on the other side, you are a member, and the price is a little different. The way it was paid was different," said Hanson. "There was just something weird about it."

Paige Hanson

Hanson says these scam attempts may come by letter, phone or email. She says Norton won’t ask its customers to send funds through Western Union, or by cashier’s check, cryptocurrency or gift cards.

Hanson says Norton won’t request remote access to a computer through an unsolicited call or email its customers attachments. She recommends relying on customer service through and checking for bills in an online member account.

Helbling told Contact 6 he called the phone number provided in the scam letter and left a voicemail.

"I says, ‘You guys are a bunch of scammers. I hope you all end up in jail,’" recalled Helbling.

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Contact 6 has heard from FOX6 viewers getting the letter in Kenosha and Milwaukee, as well. Norton warns that scammers may be after personal information or trying to put malware on your computer. Norton is asking people to remain vigilant.

Red flags ID'd by NortonLifeLock in scam letter

  • The order number and all the information do not match with our confirmation emails.
  • The letter is vaguely addressed to "Dear Customer" instead of using the customer’s name
  • NortonLifeLock at the top of the letter is only partially bolded (i.e. NortonLifeLock vs.NortonLifeLock)
  • Odd language used with typos The customer is directed to call during business hours of 9.30 am to 4.30 pm (vs. 9:30 am to 4:30 pm) Time zone is listed "California Time" vs. PST
  • The customer is directed to call during business hours of 9.30 am to 4.30 pm (vs. 9:30 am to 4:30 pm)
  • Time zone is listed "California Time" vs. PST